Church of St. Philip and St. Jacob (Nová dedinka)

Church of St. Philip and St. Jacob is located outside of the village and stands on an artificially created platform, probably mounds from the Hallstatt era, the older iron age.
It belongs to a typical group of brick sacred structures built in Slovakia since the end of the 12th century. Its layout consists of the traditional design of a single-nave house of worship, with a shrine in the east section. On the walls there are murals depicting Michael the Archangel in the nave and depicting St. Catherine in the shrine from the 14th century. A sculpture of the Madonna has been preserved from the early Baroque era. Over centuries, this church has also undergone many transformations. Fortunately, its original medieval structural, historic and architectural design has remained unchanged.

How can we get to the church?

By raft

3a - Pleasant boating on the Small Danube (Malý Dunaj)

Route: Bratislava Vrakuňa > Nová Dedinka (carrying boats) > Tomášov
Duration: 6 hours
Difficulty level: a popular, non-demanding route
Attractions on the route: Wanderers’ camp “Totemy”
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