Vermes Villa (Dunajská Streda)

The Vermes Villa was until recently a detached workplace of the Slovak National Gallery. It is an art nouveau villa, and its original owner was the Vermes family. It was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, originally as a single-level ground building. In 1909, the owner of it at the time reconstructed it. He had the towers built, and the villa took on its present-day appearance.


During World War II, the mansion was used as a base by the German army, and later by the Soviet army. In the 1960s and 1970s, the structure was used for recreational and leisure activities for children and youth.

Following general reconstruction in 1988, exhibiting began at the gallery. Today's building serves as a separate gallery of contemporary Hungarian artists who hold smaller exhibits and cultural programmes for the general public.

How can we get to the villa?

By bicycle

To the Small Danube water mills

Route: Dunajská Streda > Malé Dvorník > Dunajský Klátov > Jahodná > Tomášikovo > Trstice > Topoľníky > Dunajská Streda

Demands: A non-demanding route, mostly asphalt with short dirt and field sections, suitable for regular and trekking bicycles

Length: 57 km

Attractions on the route: Dunajská Streda, Small Danube water mills - Dunajský Klátov, Jahodná, Tomášikovo


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