The Žitný Island area is rich in medicinal hot springs. The heated swimming pools offer the opportunity to swim year-round and enjoy recreation in the water, and particularly in the winter months swimming in warm water is pleasantly refreshing. Around the heated pools, there are plenty of opportunities for cycling, hiking, horseback riding and boating.

Relax and have fun in the warmed water


Get to know Malý Dunaj and Mošonský Dunaj and actively enjoy Geocashing. In Szigetköz there are 5 trails, 5 cycling paths, 5 rafting experiences, which have been created by specialists, along with plenty of information about the region. Throughout Szigetköz we have hidden small boxes (treasures), which for people not involved look like small food containers. We have tried to hide these boxes in places that have certain importance and that are usually surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.


On the other side of the Danube as well in the Malý Dunaj area there are hidden caches, and while you search for them you will discover interesting well known along with lesser known places. Something interesting, for example, is the Malý Dunaj Surroundings series.

Since this is a green game, please do not cause any damage in the outdoors, because the objective is to keep nature beautiful and keep the world inhabitable while getting to know more about these beautiful places. Therefore, please keep the boxes exactly in the locations where they have been hidden, and let others also enjoy finding treasures as much as you have enjoyed it.

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