Monument to the Slovak National Uprising (Most pri Bratislave)

Although the village of Most pri Bratislava was not located on the territory of the uprising and was originally inhabited by ethnic Germans, the village does feature a small monument to the Slovak National Uprising.
In June 1945, after World War II, the ethnic German population were resettled elsewhere, and they were soon replaced by 70 families from Zliechov, 60 from Čičmiany, 20 from Košecké Rovné, 50 from Orava and 22 from Rajecká Lesná. These new inhabitants were families who during the Slovak National Uprising had help partisans and whose homes had been burnt down by the Germans (Čičmany, Zliechov).

To commemorate these sad events and the heroic actions of the partisans and to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Slovak National Uprising, a park was built and a memorial was unveiled, whose author and designer was František Vašek, who at the time was in charge of production at the local United Peasants’ Cooperative (JRD).

How can we get to the memorial?

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