Monument to the victims of dictatorships (Dunajská Streda)

The monument is located in front of the Town Hall and commemorates the Hungarian Revolution in 1956.
It also commemorates victims of dictatorships in general. The author of the artistic work is academic sculptor János Nagy. The memorial was ceremoniously unveiled on 31 October 2006.

How can we get to the memorial?

By bicycle

To the Small Danube water mills

Route: Dunajská Streda > Malé Dvorník > Dunajský Klátov > Jahodná > Tomášikovo > Trstice > Topoľníky > Dunajská Streda

Demands: A non-demanding route, mostly asphalt with short dirt and field sections, suitable for regular and trekking bicycles

Length: 57 km

Attractions on the route: Dunajská Streda, Small Danube water mills - Dunajský Klátov, Jahodná, Tomášikovo


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