Church of the Divine Heart of Jesus Christ (Most pri Bratislave)

The originally single-nave Romanesque-Gothic church dedicated to St. Thomas is now part of newer construction from the 20th century. The chapel was built from quarry stone in around 1280 and was mentioned in written records in 1315.
Important reconstruction took place in around 1335, and it apparently had to to with the acquisition of the chapel by the Jakub family, a famous chivalric family from Bratislava. The interior of the holy site was then decorated with new frescoes. Additional repairs were required in the 18th century due to damage caused during wars against the Turks and as a result of an earthquake.

In the early 20th century, the medieval structure no longer had enough capacity for worshippers, so it was decided to built a new house of worship in neo-Romanesque style. It was built from the south side attached to the old chapel in 1910, so that it would take up the south wall of its nave.

How can we get to the church?

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