Roman Catholic Church of the Birth of the Virgin Mary (Topoľníky)

The church in Doľné Topoľníky was founded in 1754 and built in honour of the birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The Gothic Roman Catholic church was renovated in late classicist style. In front of the choir section on the right and left there are frescoes depicting Christ's miraculous deeds. On the ceiling in front of the altar the seven sacraments are displayed, two of which are on the side walls.

Opposite the altar on the right wall there is a painting of The Last Supper, and on the left side there is the expression of St. Peter, and the altar picture depicts the birth of the Virgin Mary. On the main altar on the left there is a sculpture of St. Paul, from the right a sculpture of St. Peter. The wall murals in the church were painted in the 1970s by students from the University of Bratislava's Creative Art Department.

How can we get to the church?

By bicycle

To the Small Danube water mills

Route: Dunajská Streda > Malé Dvorník > Dunajský Klátov > Jahodná > Tomášikovo > Trstice > Topoľníky > Dunajská Streda

Demands: A non-demanding route, mostly asphalt with short dirt and field sections, suitable for regular and trekking bicycles

Length: 57 km

Attractions on the route: Dunajská Streda, Small Danube water mills - Dunajský Klátov, Jahodná, Tomášikovo


By raft
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