Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes (Tomášikovo)

The historic Marian pilgrimage in Tomášikovo began in 1901, when the eleven-year-old blind and deaf daughter of the administrator of the Eszterházy property, Margitka Prenoszilová, is said to have miraculously recovered from her disability in Lourdes.
Her mother then suggested that in Tomášikovo a Shrine to the Virgin Mary similar to the one in Lourdes could be built. After they returned they recommended where the shrine should be located. In line with the healed girl's expressed wishes, they built it in the cemetery near the entrance. According to legend, the stones for the construction were brought directly from Lourdes.

The shrine was consecrated on 28 April 1901, already in the year when Margitka healed from her affliction, which is evidenced by the original plaque on the wall of the shrine cave, which reads “Built out of gratitude in 1901, consecrated 28 April.”

How can we get to the shrine?

By bicycle

To the Small Danube water mills

Route: Dunajská Streda > Malé Dvorník > Dunajský Klátov > Jahodná > Tomášikovo > Trstice > Topoľníky > Dunajská Streda

Demands: A non-demanding route, mostly asphalt with short dirt and field sections, suitable for regular and trekking bicycles

Length: 57 km

Attractions on the route: Dunajská Streda, Small Danube water mills - Dunajský Klátov, Jahodná, Tomášikovo


By raft
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