The water mill and water milling museum in Kolárovo

The water mill and water milling museum in Kolárovo is a nicely reconstructed floating water mill, the only one of its kind in Slovakia, which is anchored to the bank of the dead arm of the Small Danube. The mill is accessed by the longest completely wooden covered bridge in Europe.
In the area of the mill, there is the folklore open-air museum. Directly at the mill, a water milling museum was established, which features exhibits including a unique machine for production of fishing nets, one of the first in the world.
The boat mill is also among Slovakia’s national cultural heritage sites. The Kolárov mill is especially a photogenic technical landmark situated in the very beautiful surroundings of the river arm of the Small Danube in a forested region of South Slovakia.
Additional options offered by the mill include camping, boat rental and rafting, fishing and agrotourism.

How can we get to the mill?

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