Water wheel mill (Jelka)

The water wheel mill at Jelka is among the most impressive technical landmarks and is considered a rarity in Central Europe. It is a three-storey wooden mill, like no other in any surrounding countries.
The mill stands on the left bank of the Small Danube, which forms a meandering riverbed in the village of Jelka, 23 km long, with beautiful areas suitable for water tourism. The oldest documented record of this mill dates from 1894.

It was originally a water mill, and its renovation began in 1900. Following its renovation, it began being used as a mill in 1906. The will functioned until April 1951.

The national history museum in Galenta and the Municipal Authority in Jelka oversaw the reconstruction of the building in 1992, and in its surroundings a small open-air museum was built, which highlighted the village’s farming past.

The renovated mill is currently accessible to the public. Near the mill, there is a well equipped camp for water tourists, which offers refreshments, campaign, sport and recreational use and boat anchoring.

How can we get to the mill?

By raft

3b - One of the most popular

Route: Nová Dedinka > Tomášov > Janíky > Jelka
Duration: 7 hours
Demands: Non-demanding, with mild rapids at Janíky
Attractions on the route: Water mill Jelka

3c - One of the most beautiful

Route: Hurbanova Ves > Jelka
Duration: 4 hours
Demands: Non-demanding, suitable for families with children
Attractions on the route: Roasting at Hurbanova Ves, Jelka water mill

3d - Ideal for water sport lovers and camping enthusiasts

Route: Jelka > Tomášikovo Power Plant (carrying boats) > Tomášikovo
Duration: 6 hours
Demands: Length better suited for more experienced boaters
Attractions on the route: Jelka water mill, Madarasz park, Tomášikovo water mill

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