The Gešajov mills - imitation (Zálesie)

The Gešajov mills - imitation (Zálesie) project was finalised on 17 November 2012, when under the supervision of Ing. Marián Fačkovec from AMEVET Club No. 946 from Zálesie replicas of mills were placed in the water of the Small Danube.
The aim of the project is to create an instructional and informational trail highlighting water mills, based on the memories of older inhabitants, knowledge obtained from the Galanta museum of water mills and records about the original mills on the Danube.

The aim of the project is to add a piece of history to the natural scenery, which reflects the population's original way of living. There is also an effort to enhance the trail, which the inhabitants of Zálesie and neighbouring villages use for strolls, and to expand the available leisure activities as well as familiarisation with traditions, which have truly been associated with the Small Danube.

How can we get to the mill?

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