Art Hotel Kaštieľ (Tomášov)

The Mansion was established 250 years ago as a scientific aristocratic seat, which was ordered built in the style of Classic Austrian Baroque during 1766-1769 by Baron Ján Jesenák at his estate. The three-winged mansion with a courtyard was built on the edge of the village of Fél, now known as Tomášov. The mansion included an extensive regional park, which was formed by the forests and is still surrounded by it today.

In the subsequent period, the ownership of the mansion was transferred to the Draškóci, Vay and Strasser families, who reconstructed the mansion in fashionable styles. At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, they added onto the east wing of the mansion a chapel, which was dedicated to the Guardian Angels.

In 1908, the Strasser family became the owners of the Tomášov Manor, and during World War I they established a military bunker at the mansion.  The mansion burnt after the end of the war’s tragic events.  Fortunately, the restoration of the historic seat of aristocracy did not distort its Baroque appearance. The modifications mainly affected only the interior, which was in fashionable art deco style and today has been preserved in artistic style.

Following nationalisation in 1948, the mansion became property of the state and began being used as a social care facility. A correctional and developmental facility for maladjusted youth was established there. The mansion was modified for a new use, and the ground-level side wings of the mansion were converted to a single storey. Fortunately, the reconstruction of the premises was planned well with a feel for its style and blended in well with the historic features.

In 1991 the mansion was returned to its last owners, the Strasser family, in accordance with the Restitution Act. In 2005 they sold it to its new owners, who have adapted the historic building, which had been deteriorating, to a high-standard hotel. They also sensitively restored the art, column and aesthetic features that had deteriorated over the years. By doing so, they have returned its former fame and authentic aristocratic luxurious style to it.

How can I get to the mansion?

By raft

3b - One of the most popular

Route: Nová Dedinka > Tomášov > Janíky > Jelka
Duration: 7 hours
Demands: Non-demanding, with mild rapids at Janíky
Attractions on the route: Water mill Jelka
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